Oh my Velo, Sweating never felt so good

I always poo-pooed the idea of spinning. I honesty thought I was just too good for it. All those women wearing only their sports bras, looking red and happy as they leave their sweaty, bike-riding disco party. Ugh, who are these people?!

But then, lockdown eased and we could workout and meet in groups outside – 1.5m distance of course – and thought, ‘Fuck it. Let’s not be so judgmental and try something new.’

I went to multiple classes at Velo, first outside, then at “The Box” in their de Pijp location before finally settling on my favorite – Lovelee Club at Leidseplein.

Why you need to go to Velo

First, the times. If you’re like me, then your work schedule is unpredictable. Sometimes you don’t do very much during the day, other times there’s an urgent need that comes in 5 minutes before you log off. This can make scheduling classes during “normal” 09:00 – 18:00 difficult. All classes at Velo – regardless of their de Pijp or Leidseplein location – run from 07:00 – 21:00 Monday through Friday. Saturday and Sunday classes are available from 08:00 – 18:00 most days (though check the app to be sure).

Is it COVID safe?

Even in the height of mask wearing and social distancing I never felt unsafe. There was ample space between bikes, the bikes were sanitized after every ride by the VELO staff. And there were always fresh towels and clean shoes – of course you can bring your own if you like.

Are the instructors super peppy?

Total judgment warning! I am not a fan of the cheerleader, peppy instructors or people who do their daily affirmations with the class. If that’s your thing, amazing, it isn’t mine. Out of all of the instructors I have ever had at VELO, only one was this way and I swore to never take their class again. The remaining instructors will make you work, sweat, and will give you encouragement as you are in your third round of pyramids, or are climbing the 10-minute hill.

It’s my first time, Help?

First off, congrats, you’re going to have a blast! Show up to the studio about 10 minutes early so that you have enough time to take off your layers, slip into your shoes and gingerly walk to your bike. Got a new sport set you’ve been dying to show off but are a bit self conscious? This is the perfect time to work that set. And if you need inspo… here’s mine.

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