CDC card meet QR code

So, you went back to the US to get your COVID-19 vaccines sometime during the spring/summer 2021, and now the Netherlands won’t accept your proof of vaccination.

Well, good news for those who have got the run around from your GP (huisarts); yours truly included. If you go to Schiphol airport you have the chance of getting your CDC card switched over to the Dutch system. I say chance, as not everyone has been successful. It’s basically a perfect case of bureaucracy 101.

Where to go

Get off at the Schiphol stop, walk up to the arrivals hall and head towards Arrivals 3 / 4  – you should be making your way towards meeting people outside of their baggage claim. You should now begin to see a big pop-up station that says COVID testing/Quarantine. Now, get in line and be lucky.

What to bring with you

Bring your CDC card (if you have extra print outs from your pharmacy showing proof of vaccine, bring those too), a passport/ identity card and your BSN number.

What you’re getting

You should get three print outs. One with a six-digit code you’ll use for the CoronaCheck app, one QR code for the Netherlands, and one, international QR code. Both are valid for a one-year period.

Couldn’t get your QR code?

Most people who have had the best luck have either gone early in the morning – think 08:00 – or late in the evening – after 21:00. I had people tell me on my Tiktok video that they were able to get it after a try or two, so don’t get discouraged. And good luck!

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