Help save FlowerBikeMan

If you’ve ever travelled to Amsterdam, you know his work. Warren Gregory, a.k.a. FlowerBikeMan, and his wife, Michelle have been living in the Netherlands (illegally) for many years and now need our help locals!

FlowerBikeMan’s Instagram account

The profile of FlowerBikeMan and his predicament is thanks to documentary film makers at UVA (University of Amsterdam). Interviewing the couple and learning of their situation the students not only created the documentary, but also set up a GoFund Me site to help make Warren and his wife Michelle raise the necessary funds to obtain a business license and be legal in the Netherlands. **More information on that, below**

How the flower bikes came to be

It all started when Warren’s wife Michelle, couldn’t find her bike at Amsterdam Central station – if you have ever hurriedly parked your bike there, then you too know how disorienting it can be to find your bike several hours later. Warren ended up adding a sunflower to Michelle’s bike ensuring that she should lose her bike again, and it seemed to have worked.

From there, the bike idea took off with Warren creating whole rainbow-inspired color schemes and strategically placing the bikes along some of Amsterdam’s most famous canals. “I sell smiles free of charge. We can all compensate the negative energies every day. Bikes and flowers can literally save the world,” Warren said.

Help needed

While Warren and his wife Michelle are busy putting smiles on people’s faces and helping create a better world, they are in need of help. The couple moved to the Netherlands due to the burden of medical expenses, which no doubt our American readers will sympathize with. Michelle was diagnosed with epilepsy, a condition my own sister suffered from, and Warren has had multiple back injuries and surgeries leaving him bound to walk with assistance. The U.S. government disability payments of $500 per month are what Warren and Michelle currently live off of in the North of Amsterdam in their modest house boat.

How this all came about

The goal of the GoFundMe campaign is to raise the EUR5,000 needed for Warren to have on his business account, which, as of 10:00am this morning has been surpassed.

Click here to contribute to Warren’s GoFundMe.

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