Don a scottish accent- we’re tasting whisky at home

When I think whisk(e)y, I normally think cheap handles of alcohol that one buys during game-day weekends in southern towns across the U.S. There is no blend, no heritage, their sole purpose is to get you as drunk as humanly possible, the end. My husband ‘G’, who is Scottish, thinks about whisky in a more much refined way- malts, blends, hints of peat, sea air, memories of lochs (you know… Scottish shit). And while I am slowly coming around to his way of drinking whisky – no one wants to drink a EUR 100+ bottle of whisky quickly – I’ll admit I still haven’t found a brand that is smooth enough for my “unrefined whisky palette”.

went to scotland, didn’t need to leave amsterdam

For Christmas, my original plan was to buy G a whisky tasting in London (border closure… so that didn’t happen) then Amsterdam (lockdown so that didn’t happen) and so I finally settled on a whisky tasting at home thanks to the Waldorf Astoria and The Dalmore.

The Delight Box, as it is called, costs EUR 50 per person (you must order two – so – EUR 100). In this box you receive two flights of whisky (25ml in each tube) – The Dalmore 12YO, 15YO, Cigar Malt Reserve, and the King Alexander III – as well as 4 savory and 4 sweet bites paired with your whisky. The box also comes with two whisky tasting glasses – complete with a little glass top in case you want to go crazy with your swirl. There is also informational literature about your food pairings and the whisky chosen.

The 25ml tubes are enough to let you better understand the taste complexity of what you’re drinking. Both G and I agreed the 15YO was our favorite, followed by the 12YO, Cigar Malt Reserve and the King Alexander III.

would i buy it again?

Honestly yes. Sure it was a bit more on the expensive side, but it was so much fun and I definitely think it is well worth the price. I have already suggested we have a whisky tasting with a few friends, though I am also quite keen to try the other boxes Waldorf has to order.

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