Eating out to help beirut

Beirut has had a shitty year. Sure, we’ve all had a pretty terrible 2020, but Beirut, nah, she takes the cake. We’re talking hyperinflation, an absolutely inept government, the explosion in the Beirut port, and now a fire in the port… it’s only September!

marhaba! now eat

The Lebanese are some of the most wonderful and generous people I’ve ever met and they take great pleasure in feeding you. I know so many people – Expats, Dutch-nationals – who, after viewing the countless Reddit videos of the explosion thought, ‘We need to help! The Lebanese people, more than most, have had an absolutely shit year.’

Photo Credit: Merijn Tol from Instagram.

But helping is tricky given the hyperinflation and the inept government so small businesses across the Netherlands are doing what they can do raise money for Lebanese people. How? How else, through food! And not just any food the Mujadara. Drooling commences.

How does this fund raiser work?

From September 20 – 29, restaurants around Amsterdam – not necessarily just those who serve Levantine cuisine will be making Mujadara. Each restaurant will be making their own version of the mujadara with 2.50 EUR from each dish sold heading to the capital. So, where can you buy this tasty, vegetarian meal?

A Beautiful Mess, Bajes Beach Club, Toscanini restaurant, Restaurant AS, Buffet van Odette, Scheeps Kameel, Restaurant Entrepot, Restaurant Domenica, Wilde Zwijnen restaurant, Restaurant Merkelbach, Esther’s Cookery, De Vrouw met de Baard, Hotel de Goudfazant

Mujadara made by food Merijn Tol, author of the cook book Beirut.

Now, bring your fat pants and eat up!

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