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A month or so ago, your favorite southern-duo were approached by Amex Essentials to write about a few independent boutiques in Amsterdam that we were literally gaga over. Being an avid purveyor of clothing, accessories and good food, we jumped on the chance to let our AMEX card wielding friends know where they should spend their cash while in Amsterdam. For those who don’t want to click the link above, read all of the tips, plus a few new ones below.

Essentiel antwerp

We’ve talked about them on the blog before, so this store making it into our top tier is certainly no surprise.

Looking for colourful, sequinned, embroidered skirts, animal print dresses and hot pink metallic loafers to add a bit of fun to your wardrobe? Let this Belgian brand be your guide. Well-known for their collaborations with icons like Peanuts, this brand is a favourite of the city’s well-heeled crowd. Silk dresses and oversized cotton jumpers are the perfect ensemble to wear on your bike as you blend into the Mokum lifestyle, or sit canal-side at a café sipping your biertje. Even better, we happen to know that their store on the Utrechtsestraat in Amsterdam is now an outlet, selling A/W 2019 for 40% off the sticker price. (another blog post about that later)


For those wanting to support local brands and emerging Dutch talent, you need look no further than Locals. Embrace the local lifestyle with scarves from POM (Piece of Mine), a brand by two Amsterdam-based sisters who take sustainability and eye-popping prints seriously. Pick up a leather cross-body bag from Legend, or Sticks and Stones – perfect for cycling. For those more into interior design, browse blue and white Delft-style tiles with a modern twist from Storytiles, or perhaps some throw pillows with your favourite canal ring houses flocked onto them.

Hare Majesteit

You’ll know it just as soon as you see the sparkling baubles hanging from the window. On the shopping street of Overtoom, this shop is a godsend for the accessories-minded. Owner Monique sources her jewels from Italian, French, Brazilian, Greek and Dutch brands, and oversees every detail. Each customer is treated to VIP service: try on as many pairs of earrings as you wish, as many times as you wish – you’ll never feel rushed to leave the store. Ladies who prefer clip-on earrings, don’t shy away: Monique can take any pair of earrings and turn them from pierced to clips in a day.

De pindakaaswinkel

Looking to up your peanut butter game from smooth or chunky to something truly more exciting? For the love of all things peanut butter, jump on a bike and head to residential Amsterdam Oost for De Pindakaaswinkel. At this peanut-butter-only shop, you can experience coffee and sea salt peanut butter, date and cinnamon peanut butter, or even a Dutch favourite of stroopwaffel and cinnamon peanut butter. Can’t decide between all the gooey deliciousness? Now you don’t have to: they even have mini packs of six to ten tins to keep your peanut butter cravings sated, at least for a while.

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