A 360 review

I follow a lot of Dutch food bloggers on Instagram. And over the last few weeks all of their posts and stories had one thing in common – Felix Amsterdam’s 360 pop-up experience in the Felix Meritis (good job PR team)!

Socially distanced dining.

My husband and I booked the 70 EUR per head experience (wine not included) after some friends of ours said it was a pretty good time. (reviews from friends = sold)

We got fancied up – a perfect reason to wear my new Essential Antwerp dress, now 60% off I might add- and got to the restaurant for 19:15. (They wait until all parties are there before starting the tasting.) We opted for the wine pairing, which at the end of the meal, set us back another 70 EUR or so a head. For those keeping track at home… we’re now in 140 EUR per person.

The menu for the evening

the first three hours

Each course starts with a sort of projected show. It’s all very theatrical. The name of the course, for example, BB King, had an image of blues legend BB King projected onto the walls of the rotunda with his music playing from the speakers… it created a different dining experience and a different restaurant feel with each course. Clever and fun. (No one wants to hear the same spotify “jazz” tracks for five hours)

In total our experience lasted five hours. Five hours! To save you from an inordinate amount of needless detail, here are the first few courses.

The final two hours

At a certain point in the evening I started to get a bit bored waiting for the food and realized I hadn’t taken any photos of myself in my dress and earrings. And more importantly, I was absolutely feeling this look… enter selfie mode.

Was it worth 280 EUR?

While not all of the food was of note, the atmosphere was fun. I liked the projections and that each course had a story to tell. It really felt more like dining in a theater than a restaurant, so i tip my hat to them for that.

A few of the courses were “meh” and none were entirely fine dining, but again, it was fun to see what the kitchen staff came up with and it was pleasant.

The wine pairings were very good. The sommelier took great care to incorporate both traditional wine (think French), with some wines from further afield (Croatia). I think the wine pairings was money well-spent. The staff were attentive and lovely. and flipped between Dutch and English flawlessly. They also knew the English names of everything they were serving and I thank them endlessly for that.

Would we go again? No. Do I think it was a fun evening for the money? Definitely, if you have some extra cash kicking around. If you’re stuck for cash though, I think there are plenty of other restaurants in Amsterdam that do a similar tasting menu for a similar amount of money that is just better.

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