Fancy AF bars in amsterdam

In general Amsterdam is an easy going city with a very laid back vibe. Most bars and restaurants do not have a dress code policy which I LOVE! After all, most Amsterdammer’s ride their bikes everywhere ( many times in the rain). But what if a Belle wants to get all dressed up, and have a lush cocktail in a fancy bar? We’ve got you covered!

Bar Twenty-Seven

Located in DAM square in Hotel Twenty Seven, Bar Twenty Seven’s interior is decadent, and completely over the top in the best way possible! The drinks are in line with the bars interior. The cocktail list is extensive, and impressive. Their concoctions are masterful and I mean look at the glassware!!

Look at the glass!
Check out the artwork, QEII on the ones and twos


Freddy’s Bar is located in Hotel De L’ Europe, situated right on a canal overlooking Muntplein tower. The jazz pianist is there and will always take suggestions-Billy Joel is my go to- it’s not my fault; I was raised on him!!. The cocktail list pays homage to Amsterdam, grouping their cocktail list into the four most famous canals. Rumor has is that Alfred “Freddy” Heineken, grandson of the creator of Heineken, used to frequent the bar. Don’t forget to sample the dutch version of gin- Jenever!

Jenever- taste like burning, in a good way. My Oma would approve


MOMO in my opinion is the best sushi restaurant this side of the North Sea! Their libations aren’t lacking either. The cocktails are rather large and delightful, using ingredients that common in Southeast Asia. Try the Tokyo Rose- you won’t regret it!

Tales & Spirits

Tales & Spirits is one of my all time favorites. Located off the Singel this cozy bar packs a punch! Their cocktail list is lengthy but divided between spirits so you can focus on your choice of poison with ease. I highly suggest ordering the crunchy chicken to go with your cocktails. It’s the closest thing I have tasted to fried chicken in Amsterdam!

Blond belle’s husband enjoying Bain Royal at T&S

Do not forget that we are living in a Pandemic- so you HAVE to make reservations at all of these establishments! Enjoy!!


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