Amsterdam sample sale alert

At Two Bitchin’ Belles we love a good sample sale. And since we can no longer hop on a plane to London with such ease we decided to explore a bit more of what Amsterdam has on offer.

pom amsterdam private sale

We’ve written about POM (Piece of Mine) before. It’s one of our top 5 Dutch and Belgian fashion brands that we just can’t get enough of.

Well, lucky for you dear Belle on June 22 – July 4 POM is holding a private sale for you and up to three friends in their offices in Amsterdam. You’ll need to book a one-hour, private time slot and pay a deposit of 5 EUR, which will be subtracted off of your purchase.

To book your time and find out more information, see the Facebook event here.

samsoe & samsoe sample sale

On June 25, your fave Scandy brand is holding a sample sale on past collections for one day only. The event is from 10:00 – 19:00 and requires you to sign up for a one-hour time slot, which can be done here.

For all other information, check the Facebook event.

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