Finding my fitness during lock down

I use working out as a way of staying sane.

Pre-lockdown I could be found at my local gym at 6:00 AM before boarding a train to endure my commute to The Hague. I was pretty healthy. Only ordering the odd Deliveroo or Uber Eats here or there.

During lock down, however I decided that, “yes, I do deserve that takeaway order.” So, many an Uber Eats and Deliveroo deliveries later, my jeans were a little snug, stretchy lounge pants were suddenly – GASP – a shit-ton less forgiving, and even my bras for a little snugger (*Husband was happy, me… not so much).

Feeling slightly in despair, I contacted my old personal trainer, put myself back on her meal plan and decided, ‘ENOUGH!’ I am going back to the gym…. sort of.

Find your fit- Expect to sweat and to shake

Gyms don’t open until July 1, and even then I’m a bit reticent to head back. I had been looking for outdoor, HIIT-style classes in Amsterdam when I rediscovered Find Your Fit.

Your teacher Leah of Find Your Fit. / Photo Credit: Find Your Fit

Run by an American called Leah, all fitness classes are taught in English language with current classes being offered either outdoors in Oost, Museumplein, or online. Leah is well-known in the expat community for her Run & Brunches, Goat Yoga, and Wine Yoga. She also teaches classes at Studio 191 and Soho House.

The Review: Booty Boot Camp. Sweet mother of God. I knew I had an ass, and it had muscles, but had no idea that resistance band exercises, and HIIT-style step aerobics would help me and my butt get reacquainted. If you’re looking for a workout to really test your booty and give you that Instagram butt, this is your class. I legit felt my butt muscles every time I walked down our Dutch canal house stairs for the next two days.

The Review: Boot Camp: If your idea of working out is having a red face, sweating profusely, and walking slightly bow legged back to your bike.. this dear Belles, is the class for you. I went to a Saturday morning class in Oost and was not disappointed. With early 2000’s rap (we all remember Luda right?!) jamming on the portable speakers, about 10 of us set out for 50 minutes of morning pain. The workout is set up into stations – if I remember correctly there were a total six stations ( two exercises at each station). I feel like I easily burned a couple hundred calories during the workout and will definitely be signing up again.

The Boot camp class in Oost / Photo Credit: Find Your Fit

The Review: Barre. I have a butt. I have muscles inside muscles in my butt that i rediscovered in this class. I think you can see a theme developing here, right? I went to the Barre class at Museumplein (conveniently located in front of the American Consulate). The class was a combination of ballet moves, resistance band exercise, lots of small pulses and movements, and core… so. much. core. This was my first Barre class and Leah walked me through what I should do more of and less of. I cannot recommend it enough!

** Disclaimer: All of these classes I paid for myself.**

How to book your classes?

Classes can currently be booked using the Eversport app or website. If you want to stalk Leah and Find your Fit you can do so at her Facebook page. Classes start at 9 EUR each, with better pricing available based on packages.

If you’re new to Amsterdam, want to meet people and have something that looks like social interactions with someone other than your husband, partner, housemates, or pets… come out for a visit! I look forward to seeing you there!

Boot camp and core work out. / Photo Credit: Find Your Fit

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