blond bellE’s botox experience

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies; I don’t know about you, but as I am entering my mid- 30’s, my skin – especially on my face – is really in need of assistance. The wrinkles on my forehead are starting to really set in. NO BUENO BELLES!

For context, I have a pretty standard and boring skincare routine that I mostly follow. If I have had a few drinks (10) and shuffle home, I can manage to use a makeup wipe to clean my face. However, if I’ve been smoking the magic dragon, a.k.a. ganja (don’t forget its legal in Amsterdam, honey), the chances of me doing anything other than eating Cool American flavor Doritos is off the table.

So, this gets me back to those damned wrinkles. After a little back and forth in my strange brain I decided, “FUCK IT! I’M GETTING BOTOX!” If only my mother knew, she’d be so proud! I decided to book an appointment with bad-ass physician assistant, Elizabeth Cook, of Face & Body Boutique in the Zuidas region of Amsterdam.

Elizabeth not only knows her shit, she’s also gorgeous and has the face of a beauty pageant winner! And we would know coming from the south honey. After all, if I’m going to have someone shooting what constitutes as poison into my face, I’d like to have a beautiful bad-ass do it.

Elizabeth Cook of Face & Body Boutique, Amsterdam

I see it all honey! – Elizabeth Cook PA, owner of face and body boutique

Elizabeth knew I was a Botox virgin and handled me with the appropriate level of honesty and comfort needed. As Elizabeth was inspecting my face she noticed that one of my eyes tends to wince more than the other, “I’m going to insert a tad more Botox on one side of your brow to help with symmetry, as one of your eyes is slightly smaller than the other”. This is true but it’s not super noticeable, I asked how she could see such a small variation in my symmetry? “I see it all honey!”

Elizabeth put me in the chair and began working her magic using tiny needles and the magical potion know as Botox. I only needed minimal treatment and Elizabeth focused most of her efforts on my terrible forehead wrinkles! Did it hurt? I mean, a little, but no worse than threading my mustache/beard or God forbid a dreaded Brazilian wax.

people say i look so happy- and i say, ‘it’s the botox- dolly parton

After the shots were administered, I felt minimal pressure and discomfort and headed straight to work after I left the clinic. I haven’t noticed too many results yet; Elizabeth stressed that the treatment will not be visible for about a week.

I will update you belles in two weeks time! Have a Bitchin’ day belles!

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