Terrace time

Where to sit in amsterdam and enjoy the sun

June 1 at 12:00 noon, terraces around Amsterdam can open their doors to serve customers once more. The 1.5 meter social distancing rule is still in order and most restaurant and bars require reservations and have a time limit on your table (no more coffees at your table of choice for two hours).

Pompstation – oost

One of this Bitchin Belles absolute favorites is the Pompstation in Oost. Sure, it’s a bit further afield and you’re more likely to hear Dutch than English, but that’s just the way we like it. In the “before times” they would have jazz sets ( the good variety I might add ) at the weekend.

Starting June 1 at 15:00, customers can order 3,4,or 5 course tasting menus, which start at 39 EUR per person. If you want to add wine to that tasting menu a fixed cost of 20 EUR will be added to the price. Reservations are necessary.

De Ysbreeker – Oost (river)

If you live on the east side of the city, chances are you’ve cycled past this glorious restaurant. In the “before times” you’d often see people sitting outside drinking coffee and having Holtkamp cake. It’s a favorite to take out-of-towners who want to enjoy the river views of Amsterdam, but with a more laid back atmosphere. Also, their steak tartar is top notch!

From 12:00 noon you can once again enjoy the beauty of de Ysbreeker once more. A reservation is a must which can be done by clicking this link or calling the restaurant directly at 020 468 1808. Up until 15:00 tables are reserved for 1.5 hours and after 15:00, tables are held for 2 hours. A maximum of 4 people can join a table. Perhaps the most important part is that you reserve a place for inside or outside. Should you book outside and the weather is shit – a real possibility living in the Netherlands – your reservation cannot be changed for inside.

Het Lagerhuys – Center

One of the Bitchin’ Belles used to live almost directly above Het Lagerhuys and befriended the staff rather quickly. Soon after, it became a hang out for the Bitchin’ Belles and their fan club (a.k.a. their husbands).

Expect loads of beer on tap from the Netherlands and Belgium and their food menu is the perfect blend of pub meets gastro pub. Their homemade nachos (add the pulled pork), are the stuff of American legends. The nachos are 16.50 EUR, but we assure you, there is no need to eat any other meal after this. Want a burger? Sidle up with an angus burger (17.00 EUR) or a falafel burger (16.00 EUR)

Reservations are a must rather you’re looking for lunch, brunch, dinner or drinks, but here is a bit of practical information for you. A new lunch menu is now available Monday – Friday from 12:00 to 16:30.  Brunch is covered on Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00 – 16:30 and dinner is served daily from 16:30 – 22:00. NOW the important bit, if you’re looking to just have drinks between the hours of 16:30 – 22:00, afraid you’ll either have to pony up for dinner or will have to booze it up outside of those operating times. Hey Lagerhuys has made it clear that to keep in line with social distancing rules these are their new rules. Want to make a last-minute reservation? Then call on 06 150 70 331. All other reservations can be made via their website.

cafe de jaren – center

Located in the city center of Amsterdam, Cafe de Jaren is not only accessible by foot, but also by boat #class.

The café, which looks more in place in Prague or Vienna, will open its doors once more. There are however quite a few changes, so those used to grabbing a newspaper and sitting comfortably for a few hours will be sad to know your table with turn in an hour.

That’s right, each reservation holds the table for one hour. A max of 4 guests are allowed per table and a maximum of 30 guests are allowed inside the restaurant at any given time.  Their sunny terrace is also open with the same rules applying (4 people max per table and 1.5m social distance rules apply), but should there be inclement weather, your reservation will be cancelled.

Reservations can be made by clicking here or by calling at 020 625 5771.

MediaMatic – Center

Serres Separees as the little green houses are being called are the newest media sensation to take over our news feeds. They will open as of June 3, but sadly, all of these cute little huts were sold out before we got our little mitts on a dining opportunity.

All reservations are currently sold out until the end of June, but the moment we know that they are back in, we’ll let you know.

De kas – oost

Three, four, five or six courses… those are your options. Your only choice is the amount served at lunch versus dinner and whether or not you’re looking to get a bit drunk with wine pairing. There are no a la carte options at De Kas, and to be honest, you wouldn’t want them anyway.

Reservations are a must – even before the COVID-19 pandemic this was one tough place to get a reservation for dinner. Lunch is currently available for the first week of opening, but a dinner date on a Saturday night will set you back to America’s birthday… July 4.

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