insta-worthy bouquets at a fraction of the price

When I first moved to the Netherlands I was shocked by the prices of fresh-cut flowers. No, it wasn’t the expense that I found shocking, it was the fact that I could buy 20 tulips from a seller for 5 EUR (mark-up and VAT included), or an entire bouquet for 25 EUR that would have easily cost me twice that in the UK or the Czech Republic, where I was living before moving here.

The prices of fresh flowers were already cheap in the “before times”, but with an oversupply of goods, many Dutch wholesalers and exporters found that their foreign markets were no longer interested in buying flowers. There are videos on Dutch television showing the wholesale flower markets, not booming with business – their blooms heading to far off destinations – but instead headed for the rubbish bin.

To attempt to make up for some lost revenues, those wholesalers started opening up shop to the general public….

Oligarch mistresses move aside

Ever scroll through Instagram and wonder just how much that bucket of roses cost that Insta-model? Well, in the before times probably quite a lot… but that was then and this is now.

Bartje Bloemen is currently running a deal on their site 50 gerbera daisies for 18 EUR, 15 stems of peonies for 18 EUR, 50 iris for 10 EUR just to name a few. All of the flowers are exclusive of VAT, which the company states will add another 9% to your total bill (that’s about 1.62 EUR extra… I think you can manage)

For those looking for tulips galore, no need to go any further than  who is offering tulips at a genuinely stupid margin. Packs start at a minimum of 50, so get those extra vases ready and go up 200 stems for 40 EUR. There are also additional shipping options for those wanting flowers NOW.

Know of a great wholesaler website that is selling to the general public? Comment below or send us a message and we’ll update the post with their information.

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